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Third Version of Revised Proposal

  Third Version of Revised Proposal   EIL proposes construction plan with timeline specifying date of starting construction, possession date and also proposes which tower/block would come under which phase. The plan cited below would be binding on EIL.   Sr. No. Project Name Block/Tower Starting Date of Construction Offer Date of Possession 1 Earth…

Builder Draft Proposal For TechOne Project

Shared By EarthInfraBuyer ASHOK HEMRAJANI: FOR EARTH TECHONE PROJECT EXPECTING THIS DRAFT PROPOSAL ONLY FOR TECHONE PROJECT INVESTORS FOR THE TIME BEING:- FOR REST OF THE OTHER PROJECTS SIMILAR PROPOSAL EXPECTING SOON:- *************************************************************************************** Dear Sir/Madam, Last couple of years have been very challenging and difficult for all of us. We have witnessed both the Fantastic…

Important Hearing – Petition For Winding Up 29-May-2017

EARTH INFRASTRUCTURES LIMITED – Petition For Winding Up ( 29-May-2017) Important Hearing – Petition For Winding Up   Please read following, reference website https://indiankanoon.org/   “In all these matters, a petition for winding up had been filed either before the cheques were issued (in some cases) and in any event before the period of 15 days,…

Earth Infrastructure Private LTD – Earth TechOne

New EOW Earth Techone Complaint Form – FIR-0112 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47H2LJvhz3VWDlGNy1zNlRQbEE/view?usp=sharing   EARTH_TECHONE Complaint_FIR-0112