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Third Version of Revised Proposal

  Third Version of Revised Proposal   EIL proposes construction plan with timeline specifying date of starting construction, possession date and also proposes which tower/block would come under which phase. The plan cited below would be binding on EIL.   Sr. No. Project Name Block/Tower Starting Date of Construction Offer Date of Possession 1 Earth…

Builder Proposal For TOWNE Project

  Shared By EarthInfraBuyer ASHOK HEMRAJANI:   Dear Sir/Madam, Last couple of years have been very challenging and difficult for all of us. We have witnessed both the fantastic and over whelming long period of adulation followed with extreme criticism and flood of litigations in recent times including filing of FIR no 111 of 2016…

Earth Infrastructure Private LTD – Earth Towne

New EOW Earth Towne Complaint Form – FIR-0111 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B47H2LJvhz3VX3dObVBWNlBoNDQ/view?usp=sharing Earth_Townee Complaint_FIR-0111